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Nos encargamos de adquirir los enlaces necesarios para lograr los objetivos de posicionamiento, a través de diversas técnicas personalizadas, manuales y seguras.

How we do it

Link Building Audit

Realizamos un análisis integral para conocer el patrón de enlaces entrantes tanto de tu sitio como de la competencia.


Hacemos una investigación exhaustiva y nos contactamos personalmente con webs de valor para que enlacen a tu sitio.

Enhanced SEO Content

Redactamos contenido original y de calidad que se envía a los sitios para su publicación, optimizados en SEO y creados por redactores expertos en la temática.

Seguimiento y reporting

We regularly report on the progress, impact, and results of the campaign.

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Why choose Eleven

We offer integral solutions focused on search engine optimization. This allows for more specialization and expertise.

Our processes are not blindly followed. We collect, process, and project the necessary data to make the best decisions.

Our work method is based on well-defined, tested, and documented processes. This enables us to achieve the best results for our clients.

We share and exchange SEO learning experiences with the community through podcasts, newsletters, articles, interviews, and events.

Frequently-asked questions - FAQs - Link Building

Google’s algorithm takes into account various aspects when determining its rankings; one of them are the backlinks a site receives from other webs, which are interpreted as votes of confidence by Google. Link building consists of a set of strategies and techniques that are used to acquire backlinks intended for a specific website and to maximize their potential.

As backlinks are one of the aspects considered by Google to determine its rankings, a good link building campaign will generate very positive results in terms of positioning and organic traffic. 

At Agencia Eleven, we have developed an exclusive backlink acquisition process, which is successfully used for both clients and own projects.

We manage original and high-quality content in media sites having a similar theme to that of the sites to be positioned, with natural outgoing links.

We have a direct relationship with the media, thanks to our experience as link building service providers. Likewise, we execute a specific and customized outreach process for each campaign to search for those websites that are ideal for obtaining links.

We do not carry out automatic linking actions, neither do we acquire links from public marketplaces. We develop a strategy that cannot be imitated by competitors, which is a comparative advantage when it comes to positioning our clients’ websites in Google.

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