SEO Website Migration

Nos encargamos de lograr una exitosa migración SEO del sitio web, en la que no se perjudique ni se afecte al posicionamiento web y tráfico alcanzado previamente.

How we do it


Realizamos análisis customizados según tu industria y proyecto.

Migration Planning

Analizamos integralmente tu sitio web o estructura a migrar, para planificar el paso a paso y evitar pérdida de tráfico.

Monitoreo constante

Procuramos que la migración se realice correctamente, para evitar pérdidas temporales o permanentes de tráfico orgánico.

Seguimiento y reporting

Posterior a la migración, hacemos un seguimiento del proyecto, para revisar su correcta implementación y plantear correcciones en caso necesario.

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We offer integral solutions focused on search engine optimization. This allows for more specialization and expertise.

Our processes are not blindly followed. We collect, process, and project the necessary data to make the best decisions.

Our work method is based on well-defined, tested, and documented processes. This enables us to achieve the best results for our clients.

We share and exchange SEO learning experiences with the community through podcasts, newsletters, articles, interviews, and events.

Frequently-asked questions - FAQs - SEO Migration

An SEO migration is any website update that implies changing its domain or architecture. As it is a major change, it may lead to loss of position, since Google may not correctly “understand” the new site.

If not properly made, website migration may lead to a considerable loss of keyword positioning and, in consequence, of organic traffic.

When the client wants to change the domain or substantially change the website structure (i.e., by adding or removing many sections).

Upon website migration, many aspects should be considered to avoid losing position. The main one is the successful 301 redirection from old to new URLs. Previous work is done to prepare for the migration and to execute the process —checking if Google is running and understanding the new website correctly— and, finally, for some weeks following migration, monitoring takes place to identify and revert any potential loss of traffic.

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