International SEO

Pensamos e implementamos la estrategia más eficiente para posicionar sitios web a nivel internacional, con sus diferentes versiones en varios idiomas o en varios países a la vez. A través de tácticas y técnicas SEO específicas, aumentamos su visibilidad para cada mercado, país e idioma particular, teniendo en cuenta diversos aspectos clave para lograr resultados de calidad, como son los factores lingüísticos y culturales.

A good penetration strategy in the international market helps improve brand image and increase visibility, high-quality traffic, prospects, and sales.

Boost sales and customer acquisition

At Agencia Eleven, we have considerable experience in international website positioning. Do you want to boost your business?

How we do it

Initial SEO Audit

We perform an initial audit of all the aspects of the website: On-page SEO, content, link building, user response. We also analyze competitors for benchmark purposes.

Strategy Presentation

We present the initial audit and agree on the strategy to be adopted throughout the consultancy campaign. We identify the necessary resources and the people in charge of them. The essential element is the existence of one version for each target country or language since the site targets several countries or languages. Hreflang attributes must be correctly implemented so Google can identify this complex structure.


Each week, we ensure that everything is being carried out in due time and manner, monitoring each step of our strategy so it is correctly executed. We measure and optimize.


We regularly report on the progress, impact, and results of the campaign.

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Why choose Eleven

We offer integral solutions focused on search engine optimization. This allows for more specialization and expertise.

Our processes are not blindly followed. We collect, process, and project the necessary data to make the best decisions.

Our work method is based on well-defined, tested, and documented processes. This enables us to achieve the best results for our clients.

We share and exchange SEO learning experiences with the community through podcasts, newsletters, articles, interviews, and events.

 Do you want to boost your business through a customized international SEO strategy?

Frequently-asked questions - FAQs - International SEO

International SEO refers to the process of enhancing a website so the number of visits increases when the website is searched for in multiple countries and/or languages. Some projects aim at single country or sub-sets of a country, such as a city; others, need and intend to gain visits from more than one country.

Because the only way to draw organic traffic —from Google— to a website from several countries is adopting a correct international SEO strategy.

It depends on many aspects. The most important one is to determine if we need to “duplicate” the whole website for each target country. If so, we must do it correctly so Google perfectly understands, for example, which URL must be shown to a Mexican user and which one to a French user.

An international SEO campaign is similar to a SEO consultancy service focused on a single country. However, there are some important differences. In terms of content, it is highly likely that searches —and volume— differ in countries speaking the same language (i.e., British people use “trousers”, and Americans, “pants” to refer to the same product). Meanwhile, in countries speaking different languages, keywords are totally different, of course. In terms of technical SEO, the main difference is the need to implement hreflang attributes.

The hreflang attribute is a code used to indicate Google which parts of a website target a certain country or language, and which parts target another one. Improper implementation may lead to serious unwanted consequences.

Companies that sell or aim to sell products or services in more than one country.

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